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Our team is dedicated to creating thumbnails that increase CTR and viewership, while saving you time to focus on doing what you do best: creating. We love what we do and want to help you succeed.

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"Monster Thumbnails turned the usually stressful prospect of creating daily thumbnails into a fun series of discoveries at what their artists have created. Fans have immediately responded to the clear and easy to understand thumbnails that strike the perfect balance between an ever changing rogues' gallery of game characters and our stalwart hosts. Before Monsters I was constantly worried about getting thumbnails in time, now we just worry about which ones look the best."

- Game Grumps
5.37M subscribers, 5.6B views

“I have seriously enjoyed working with Little Monster Thumbnails. They are attentive, easy going and really a pleasure to work with. I signed up to see if I could improve my CTR and to get a fresh look at what a designer with YouTube knowledge would create. I was not surprised that they nailed it every single time. “

-Sauce Stache
291K subscribers, 20.9M views

Monster Thumbnails Get Results

We've designed over 2,000 thumbnails and counting, generating over one billion views collectively.

Overhaul Your Library

Want us to redo all your thumbnails? Contact us about revamping your entire library and giving your channel a fresh and cohesive look.

Learn How to Increase CTR

In addition to designing thumbnails, we offer design consulting packages. The majority of our consulting revolves around coaching channels on ways to increase their CTR or Click-Through Rate. A huge component (but not the only one) of CTR is thumbnails.

Quality Design Guaranteed

You will be assigned a dedicated graphic designer who will get to know your brand and deliver fantastic thumbnails for your channel within a short turn around time.

The Definitive Guide to Making YouTube Thumbnails That Will Be Clicked

"Thumbnails are the most important aspect of any video’s release, other than the content itself. Seriously. This is because thumbnails, in combination with titles, are often the biggest deciding factor in whether or not a person will click to watch a video." - Matt Gielen

"The team at Monster Thumbnails is doing an awesome job with creating thumbnails for my channel. I love the way we communicate, and I also love the results! People click more on my videos because the thumbnails are truly eye-catching and special. I really want to thank Chelsea from the team for her awesome work and great communication, and of course also huge thanks to all the other people behind the scenes. Great service!"

- Vova Even 2.1k subscribers 99.5k views

"The custom thumbnails we get from Monster are second to none. That + speedy service = winning combination."

-Spencer Alben, Assoc. Director, Video, Children’s Books 46.7k subscribers, 47.4M views