Why Monster Thumbnails?

Little Monster Media gets results. 

The majority of our consulting revolves around coaching channels on ways to increase their CTR or Click-Through Rate. A huge component (but not the only one) of CTR is Thumbnails.

Through Little Monster consulting our clients generate roughly 65% - 80% more monthly viewership in the first 6 months: 

Here are the results of thumbnail overhauls we’ve done: 

1.) This overhaul focused on updating videos for a media company’s channel that had been on the channel for at least a month.

 This resulted in a 24% increase in Impressions, and a 36% increase in Views over the previous period!

2.) During the same period, we worked with another channel owned by the same organization to overhaul the thumbnails on videos released in the last 2 years. 

This led to a 36% increase in Impressions and a 33% increase in Views over the previous period!


3.) For this news channel, we conducted a similar overhaul to the two above -- focusing on existing content that had been live for at least 28 days. 

This led to a 71% increase in Impressions and a 45% increase in views over the previous period.



The following case study highlights the results of one of our longer relationships with a large channel.

We worked with this team on evaluating their channel's current performance, developing a new long term content plan, and then trained their team so that they could continue maintaining & developing the channel: